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The Robotics Shipping and Crating Process that Works Best for Your Business

April 9, 2019
Harriet Daniels
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The use of robotics is becoming more commonplace in a variety of settings including hospitality, industrial and medical. The iconic Rosie the Robot Maid from The Jetsons cartoon series of the 1960s gave way to the ever-evolving applications for robotics. Wondering how such a delicate robotic unit is transported? Worried about keeping the unit secure during shipment? If you need to figure all this out for your business, we can help. Let’s take a closer look at robotics shipping and crating services and learn how they may work best for your business.

When you get down to the basics, robotics are computers programmed to perform certain tasks aimed at improving efficiency. The nuts and bolts of robotics shipping and crating can be handled with ease using one of our durable wooden crates. Commercial Shipping Crates, powered by You Crate, offers two sizes to pack robotics along with other options. The crate is outfitted with an internal bracket system to ensure a robotic unit arrives without damage and ready to operate in the new location.

If you are preparing to showcase a robotics unit to potential clients, provide demonstrations at an upcoming expo or fulfilling an order, it’s time to discover the professional services of Commercial Shipping Crates to handle robotics shipping and crating for your business.

Robotics Shipping and Crating

More and more companies are relying on robotics to get the job done, whether it be in a hotel to deliver extra towels or a meal to a manufacturing firm using a robotic unit to help on the assembly line.

The earlier mention of Rosie the Maid conjures up comical scenes from the popular cartoon series of Rosie making an awkward attempt to assist George Jetson with basic tasks, with Jane Jetson often playing mediator. The robotics of today are a bit more advanced than Rosie the Robot, but basically designed to do the same thing; make life easier and more efficient.

While many of the robotics units appear to be basic in assembly, they are in fact made of a complex system that is often delicate and awkward, which must be handled with extreme care. It is why the unit must be packed securely to ensure each piece remains intact and functional.

The robotics shipping and crating process that works best for your business will depend on variables like size and weight to name a few. Our dedicated team works closely with each client to gather more information about what is being shipped and where it’s going in order to recommend an appropriate crate.

After all the hard work to create a robotic unit, the last thing anyone wants to happen is damage during transit. The goal is for the robotics shipping and crating process to be problem-free so the unit can perform well upon arriving at its destination. This is an important step and shippers want to make sure everything is done right in order to prevent any problems with the unit’s performance.

medical robotics shipping and crating

Medical Use of Robotics

Hospital staff and patients are interacting with robotics in many aspects of the medical field. Imagine a robotic assistant gathering vital signs and other tasks while the human technician is attending to the patient, whether it be to change a wound dressing or simply ask questions.

A more advanced application in the medical arena is the use of robotic exoskeleton units to assist patients with various injuries to move more freely. The units, often bulky in appearance, can be worn by the patient. However, it’s important to understand that a robotic exoskeleton unit is extremely delicate although housed in durable subsections. The unit itself can be extremely heavy due to the hardware and design. Units such as this can be condensed down to accommodate packing.

Robotic units are engineered for very technical tasks, often highly calibrated and outfitted with a computer and other circuitry and wiring throughout. The goal of most robotic units is to mimic human movement or interaction on a basic level.

circuit robotics shipping

However, robotics shipping and crating can present a challenge for a company looking to streamline the process. Commercial Shipping Crates is prepared to assist in transporting the unit once packed in a durable wooden crate.

Industrial Robotics at Work

Today, there are many applications of the use of robotics in industrial settings. Take everything from the assembly line on the manufacturing plant floor to an order fulfillment in a distribution warehouse; all employ robotics to streamline the overall process toward achieving efficiencies.

A mechanical arm used in an assembly process or even the automated pick and pack towers are all considered robotics. The specific purpose and movement of each device is highly calibrated for maximum efficiency. The shipper wants the unit to be ready when it arrives at the new location.

Although these units may be sturdy in appearance, remember they are typically delicate in nature and requires special handling for packing. Often the sheer size and weight of these units make it necessary to coordinate packing to protect sensitive arms and other hardware.

manufacturing robotics

It’s a good idea to know how much each unit weighs along with batteries if required and or support equipment. This will be a question asked when reaching out to obtain a quote for a wooden shipping crate and transportation.

Depending on the size of a robotic unit, several may be able to fit in one wooden crate for shipment. However, a larger quantity of units being shipped or more substantial in size may require more crates or various sizes to pack everything securely. The exterior durability of our wooden crate along with interior brackets is an additional level of security to ensure robotic freight is transported safely.

Hospitality Industry Uses Robotics

Tasks such as delivering additional towels to a guests’ room, dropping off the morning paper or even delivering an order from room service are now handled efficiently by a robotic assistant. In a lot of ways, it saves hospitality companies time by allowing the human staff time to address other issues as they arise.

When it comes to hotel housekeeping duties, a robotic vacuum is used more and more which allows the staff member to complete other things while the vacuum is running. Again saving time and energy and making the process more streamlined.

robotics vacuum shipping and crating

The sleek design of the latest robotic vacuum allows for multiple units to be packed in one crate for shipment. Hotel chains looking to assign a robotic vacuum to each member of the housekeeping staff may find it cost-effective to have everything shipped at once.

It may be easier to get robotic vacuums packed up for shipped versus a robotic hotel assistant that may have a challenging exterior shell that could present challenges to pack and transport.

The team at Commercial Shipping Crates can help business like yours figure it all out. Our team is ready to answer your questions and walk you through the easy step-by-step process.

Best Tips for Robotics Shipping and Crating

The time has arrived to pack up a robotics unit for travel to a tradeshow for demonstration, or for use in a hospital, manufacturing plant or a hotel just to name a few. Regardless of the setting, robotics shipping and crating can be handled with ease with a good plan in place.

Here is a list of the best tips to for robotics shipping and crating:

  1.   Know the weight of each robotics unit
  2.   Figure out how many units will be shipping
  3.   Disassemble the unit if applicable
  4.   Wrap the unit to protect components
  5.   Find the right size crate for shipping
  6.   Include batteries, control panels and other accessories

When obtaining quotes for robotics shipping and crating services, the shipper will need to know a few details about the freight. Take a moment to get a good handle on weight and size specifications for each unit and accessories. Any good plan can hit a snag if important details are omitted when arranging shipment.

Also, this is a good time to gather all the batteries, replacement parts, and other accessories for the robotics unit. These items alone may be as bulky and challenging to ship as the robot. Be aware of all of that to ensure there is space in the crate to pack everything together or have a second crate delivered to accommodate the additional equipment you need to pack.

Our team at Commercial Shipping Crates are able to help walk you through the process to eliminate the headaches to handle your robotics shipping and crating needs. Shippers control how their robotics unit is packed from start to finish. We partner with You Crate and R+L Carriers to provide the best crating system and transportation services. Once you pack your robotic unit, we handle the rest.

drone robotics and crating

Drones Considered Part of Robotics Family

The growing popularity and use of drones is yet another instance of robotics shipping and crating. Whether it is a small drone with one camera to a large professional unit with a high powered camera, crating and shipping can be a challenge. The odd size of various models of drones, also known as unmanned aerial vehicles, makes it necessary to pay special attention to packing them for shipment.

Drone operators may have saved the original case the unit arrived in when purchased to keep everything safe. If several drones are being shipped or a large scale unit, it would be helpful to work closely with an agent to find the right crating solution to safely transport a drone. Highly delicate areas of a drone include the rotating blades designed to take the unit airborne and the embedded cameras.

As the demand for a drone increases, so has the need to ship them to various destinations. It is our goal to ensure all robotics shipments arrive on time and free of damage or other issues. And the size of a drone varies from the more amateur versions for recreation to professional models used in photography, film footage for movies or other applications.

In an effort to handle robotics shipping and crating services, the main goal is to protect the sensitive components during transit. The interior of the wooden crates supplied by You Crate provides reliable protection with a durable exterior along with an interior bracket system to hold the freight in place.

Crate Size Needed

The intricate details of robotic equipment can present challenges when it is time to crate it for shipping. Take time to decide exactly what will be packed up which could include the robotic unit, control panels and battery packs. The weight and size of each unit will be important to know to determine the size of crate needed for packing.

Robotic equipment used in the hospitality industry may be best suited for a cube crate while a tower crate likely accommodates industrial units better. The determining factor will be how does it all break down and fit inside the selected crate.

In figuring out which crate may work best, consider the size, weight and delicate nature of the robotic unit. Our team will inquire about the freight to be packed and loaded for shipment. For commercial shipments packing a robotic unit is a specialized process to coordinate.

  •         You Crate cube holds up to 2,000 lbs.
  •         You Crate tower holds up to 1,250 lbs.

Selecting the right crate size needed for robotics shipping and crating does not have to be overwhelming. Take a quick inventory of what is being packed, figure out how much it all weighs and let us know where it’s going.  Commercial Shipping Crates can help you figure out all the rest.

How Robotics Shipping and Crating Works

Once you have determined the need for robotics shipping and crating services, give the team at Commercial Shipping Crates a call to begin the process. Our knowledgeable staff will give shippers a quote which is inclusive of the use of the crate and the cost to transport the freight.

After the unit arrives, shippers have a few days to get everything packed in the crate to their preference and secure the freight. Our team would return to pick up the crate and ship it to the desired destination within a few days. Then once delivered, it takes a flathead screwdriver to open the crate and begin the unpacking process.

Our shipping partner R+L Carriers helps us in handling robotics shipping and crating services professionally. Customers enjoy peace of mind in knowing their shipment is in capable hands with Commercial Shipping Crates, powered by You Crate, and partnered with R+L Carriers. Regardless of the size, function or use we have a full cadre of services to handle robotics shipping and crating.

Customers are able to track their shipments 24 hours a day, seven days a week. And don’t worry about assembling the crate. We take care of that part for you. The crate is ready for packing when we drop it off. All you need to do is pack your robotics.

Commercial Shipping Crates

Specializing in an easy to use wooden crate, the products of Commercial Shipping Crates are durable with cost-effective pricing. Our crates meet ISPM-15 Certification for international shipping. It means customers can be confident that their shipment will be protected during transit.

We offer two sizes of commercial shipping crates:

  •         Cube – measures 46 in (length) x 46 in (width) x 47 in (height) | holds up to 2,000 lbs.
  •         Tower -- measures 46 in (length) x 46 in (width) x 80 in (height) | holds up to 1,250 lbs.

Decide what size crate will fit your freight and when it will be packed. Then give us a call and we will drop off an empty crate ready for packing. Take a couple of days to get everything packed and ready to go. Our team returns to pick up the crate and deliver it.

It is simple to unlock one of our commercial shipping crates to unpack it; all you need is a flathead screwdriver. Customers have a couple of days to unpack a crate at the destination before we return for the empty container. Yes, the crates must be returned to Commercial Crating Services. Customers are only renting the domestic shipping crates from us to use.

robotics shipping and crating

The vast network of service locations throughout the continental United States allows Commercial Crating Services to cover a lot of territory to get crates wherever requested. So if going across town or the other side of the country, we can help get everything to the desired destination. Additionally, through our partners we can provide delivery service for trade shows, and can offer expedited and guaranteed service.

Let our team know what you need for robotics shipping and crating. We will provide an inclusive quote for the crate rental fee and freight charges that are based on your freight class. We are here to make your shipping solutions easy.

Selecting Commercial Shipping Crates, powered by You Crate, offers multiple advantages to handle projects like robotics shipping and domestic shipping crating services. The process takes a coordinated effort to make freight delivery times.

Our professional team is ready to help customers with commercial shipping crates to transport freight. The team has more than 60 years of experience in the industry. Call 877-558-2580 to discuss what you need to crate and ship. Customers can also connect with us by requesting a quote.

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