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Packing Gym Equipment for the Move

February 4, 2019
Commercial Shipping Crates
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The various pieces of fitness equipment at your local gym all serve a purpose in the health goals of users. Some equipment is more popular than others and will have a peak time of use during an average day. So moving equipment around can disrupt things. However, there may come a time when packing up gym equipment for the move is required.

It may be a couple of machines that need to move or the entire gym. Either scenario would be considered a commercial shipment and need a dedicated plan to pack and move. How to move commercial gym equipment is not an easy task when considering the size and weight of each piece. Utilizing wood shipping crates is one packing solution to keep everything in good shape and transported smoothly. Commercial Shipping Crates, powered by You Crate, offers two sizes of crates that are effective for packing up gym equipment.

Shipping fitness equipment does not happen at the spur of the moment. Each step of packing up gym equipment is critical to the overall project or there is a risk of damaging something. Just like working out in the gym takes time to see a good result, proper planning of a move takes time and attention to detail.

Gym Equipment Inventory

Keep in mind the oddly shaped, non-standard size and weight of most pieces of gym equipment can be a challenge when it comes to shipping. The budget to move commercial gym equipment may also not be as generous as needed but there are still options to get the job done. This is where a little DIY (that’s code for do-it-yourself) will come into the mix.

Take inventory of all the exercise equipment the gym will need moved. Is it the entire facility or just a few stationary bikes and a treadmill? Getting an accurate count beforehand will help when it comes time to research and decide how it all will be packed and shipped.

Here are a few things that may work for a fitness center:

Tower crate – consider storing the base or walking deck of a treadmill or an elliptical machine.

Cube crate – excellent choice for weight plates, free weights or hand weights, dumbbells

Packing dumbbells and weight plates may not require as much effort as an elliptical machine. The collection of yoga mats may be packed in too. It’s best to take an assessment of everything to know what all may work. When figuring out how to ship fitness equipment, it’s a good idea to know the weight and size of each piece to obtain a commercial quote.

Packing Gym Equipment

The DIY route of packing gym equipment for the move often means taking pieces apart to prevent damage during transit. The prep work of the inventory phase will come in handy now.

Shippers will need to know the weight of the equipment when getting quotes. In some cases, there are weight limits in place depending on the mode of transportation used to move the freight.

For instance, if packing a full supply of weight plates and dumbbells these items may need to be divided between several crates to better distribute the weight. Equipment such as treadmills or stationary bikes can be taken apart, encased in bubble wrap and then secured in a wood shipping crate for transit.

The gym owner or staff will likely need to keep the manuals of all that equipment close by to make sure things are reassembled properly once reaching the destination. The goal to ship fitness equipment is to have everything arrive undamaged and ready to get back to work helping users fulfill their fitness goals.

The last thing a fitness center owner wants to stress about is packing gym equipment for the move. Therefore, easy, affordable options are needed to make the overall pack and move process simple.

Plan for Moving Day

While a commercial gym may need to move a group of treadmills or the entire fitness center, each facet of the move needs to be thought out and planned to maximize the time. This is not a typical move, there are a lot of moving pieces involved that will need to be accounted for throughout the process.

An initial step is scheduling time to take equipment apart so it will fit in a shipping crate better. If the gym held on to the hard shell boxes used for hand weights and other gear, bring them out and put them all to use here. It may be easier to get more in one crate if items are encased in a box rather than having to figure out how to wrap for packing. The box will provide more protection once loaded in the crate and makes it easier to organize.

Keep in mind that when using either product from Commercial Shipping Crates, once the unit is delivered the shipper only has a few days to load it. The turnaround time will factor in so commercial gyms may consider having everything in place, ready to load when before the crate arrives. Once the crate is onsite, the focus should be on getting everything inside and secured for delivery.

packing up gym equipment for the move

Moving High Value Fitness Equipment

The collection of fitness equipment users find at their favorite gym is not the run of the mill machines. In most cases, this is not the standard home gym equipment either. Typically, the gear is high performing, intended for use by a variety of people working out during a day. These machines take a lot of wear and tear on a daily basis from the novice to the elite athlete.

A row of treadmills can be an investment of thousands of dollars for the fitness center. Then add on other high-tech gear like an elliptical machine and resistance and weight machines, the price tag can be hefty one.

Equipment able to keep up with the daily grind typically falls into the high value category for durability and technology to provide workout results and track any number of things for the user like how many calories burned, distance walked or heart rate to name a few.

Keeping up with all the machines in top condition is a full time job. Fitness equipment is a large investment for any gym facility. Therefore, it’s important to ensure the equipment is packed safely, secure inside the container and delivered on time to the destination. The gym needs to have peace of mind that the equipment will work at optimum level after being relocated to a new facility. Commercial Shipping Crates provides that extra measure of security from the product grade to the pickup and delivery service to transport. Commercial clients just need to focus on securing the freight, we’ll handle the rest.

The Distance of Moving                 

Moving is never an easy undertaking. And a packing up gym equipment for the move is no exception. The team at Commercial Shipping Crates works closely with clients to find the best options to ship fitness equipment.

When obtaining quotes for use of the crate and transportation, the point of origin and final destination will be a top question asked in the initial phase. Commercial Shipping Crates, powered by You Crate and R+L Carriers provides an all-inclusive price quote for service. Pricing is based on the selected crate size and the zone of travel. The eight zones are based on states within the continental USA.

Here are the features:

  •         You Crate is available to all zip codes in the continental USA
  •         Direct points of delivery
  •         Liftgate and notification service available
  •         24-hour to 72-hour notice required

In addition to the continental USA, we work with our partners at You Crate and R+L Carriers to provide service to Alaska and Hawaii.

Relocating within the same region or several states away is not a problem for the team at Commercial Shipping Crates. We take pride in delivering a quality crate system for packing, then being able to deliver it without damage or delay.

Crate Size Needed

Let’s face it, gym equipment is heavy and bulky and presents a challenge when it comes time to move it all. Knowing beforehand exactly what the plan is for packing gym equipment should help things go smoothly when the big day arrives.

Equipment like treadmills or elliptical machines along with weight benches may work best in one of our tower crates because of size. On the other hand, hand weights, dumbbells or yoga gear may stack up nicely in a cube crate. The determining factor will be how does it all break down and fit inside the selected crate.

When deciding what crate may work best, think about not only the size of gym equipment but the weight too. Our team will ask a few questions upfront about the freight you plan to load for shipment. On the commercial side, packing up gym equipment for a move is a little more involved to organize it all.

  •         You Crate cube holds up to 2,000 lbs.
  •         You Crate tower holds up to 1,250 lbs.

packing up gym equipment for the move

Selecting which size crate is needed to pack up gym equipment for the move does not have to be an overwhelming task. Commercial Shipping Crates can help you figure it all out.

Preparing for a Fitness Center Move

Depending on how much is being moved and the time needed to break down the equipment, schedule for the shipping crates to be delivered when the gear is ready to go. If the crate arrives and the shipper is not ready to start loading, the delay may impact the delivery schedule.

Organizing it all will be a critical step to make sure nothing is overlooked. Be sure to allow for enough time to get everything done ahead of time. It may require taking fitness gear offline from users so it can be disassembled. This way the staff is not rushing at the last minute to get everything ready to go.

When the crate arrives, it should be just a matter of loading the gym equipment. Select the appropriate size crate for the fitness equipment. Next, secure the freight with the interior brackets and then enclose everything in the crate.

After packing up the gym equipment, our team will pick up the crate and deliver it to the intended destination. Then it’s time to unload everything on that end and begin the process of re-assembling the equipment for use. It takes a screwdriver to open the crate and it will likely come in handy assembling a piece of fitness gear.

Setting Up in the New Space

Once the crates have been delivered, the gym has a few days to get the equipment unloaded at the new location. The team from Commercial Shipping Crates will return in a few days to pick up the crate. Yes, all crates must be returned after use. We pick them up from the delivery site so there’s no stress on the shipper.

Now in the new space, the gym owner and staff can take their time putting all the equipment back together. The task should be somewhat easy if they took time to organize and pack everything well.

Locking the equipment down with the interior brackets is another level of security to keep the freight in place during transit. So when it arrives at the new location, it’s in the same condition as it was packed and ready for the next workout session.

The use of a wooden crate to ship fitness equipment makes the process easy and affordable. Commercial Shipping Crates offers a flat rate which includes rental of the crate along with freight cost to transport. It allows the shipper to be in control of how things are packed, when the crate is ready for the move and time to unload at delivery. Working with our trusted partners You Crate and R+L Carriers it’s a seamless transaction.

Keeping Equipment Safe

The main point of concern for fitness center owners planning to pack up gym equipment for a move is whether everything will be safe. The expense of just one piece of equipment if damaged could easily put a dent in the budget.

The interior of each crate used by Commercial Shipping Crates is outfitted with tie-down brackets at the base to keep the freight in place. Gym owners and their staff know the fitness equipment the best. Once the crate is loaded, the gym owner and staff can adjust the brackets as they see fit to secure the equipment.

A secure bracket system is critical to keeping freight from shifting during transit which can cause damage to the equipment. Taking apart the equipment and wrapping it securely is one step toward keeping things safe. The added measure is locking the freight in place with the tie-down brackets.

Where other firms tend to cut corners in order to gain the business, Commercial Shipping Crates takes pride in safely shipping for commercial clients. It means helping clients like gym owners fit their equipment in the proper crate that will provide maximum protection both on from the exterior and interior.

Commercial Shipping Crates

Specializing in an easy to use wooden crate, the products of Commercial Shipping Crates are durable with cost-effective pricing. Our crates meet ISPM-15 Certification for international shipping. It means customers can be confident that their shipment will be protected during transit.

We offer two sizes of commercial shipping crates:

  • Cube – measures 46 in (length) x 46 in (width) x 47 in (height) | holds up to 2,000 lbs.
  • Tower -- measures 46 in (length) x 46 in (width) x 80 in (height) | holds up to 1,250 lbs.

Decide what size crate will fit your freight and when it will be packed. Then give us a call and we will drop off an empty crate ready for packing for your domestic shipping or international shipping needs. Take a couple of days to get everything packed and ready to go. Our team returns to pick up the crate and deliver it.



It is simple to unlock one of our commercial shipping crates to unpack it; all you need is a flathead screwdriver. Customers have a couple of days to unpack a crate at the destination before we return for the empty container. Yes, the crates must be returned to Commercial Crating Services. Customers are only renting them from us to use.

The vast network of service locations throughout the continental United States allows Commercial Crating Services to cover a lot of territory to get crates wherever requested. So from Los Angeles to New York City is no problem for us to handle or other points in between.

Let our team know when you need to move your machinery and gym equipment and where it’s going. We will provide a quote that will be inclusive of the crate rental fee and freight charges.  

Selecting Commercial Shipping Crates offers multiple advantages to handle projects like packing gym equipment for the move. The process takes a coordinated effort to make freight delivery times.

Our professional team is ready to help customers with commercial shipping crates to transport freight. The team has more than 60 years of experience in the industry. Our service partners You Crate and R+L Carriers also bring a wealth of expertise. Call 877-558-2580 to discuss what you need to crate and ship. Customers can also connect with us by requesting a quote.

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