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International  Shipping Crates

Successfully transporting international shipping crates requires attention to detail throughout the entire process. Commercial Shipping Crates is the perfect solution.
International Shipping Crates by You Crate ® is well equipped to handle all aspects of international shipping.
Our wood crate products are made in the USA and are engineered for easy assembly and have excellent durability. In addition, the commercial shipping crates we provide are certified to meet ISPM-15 standards required for international shipping. Shippers have peace of mind knowing their freight is safe and secure with Commercial Shipping Crates by You Crate.

How It Works

STEP 1 Choose Your Crate

Select to pack freight in either a cube or tower crate. In addition, we can provide custom crates. Give us a call to let us know what you need. We will get it delivered. International shipping requires you to purchase your crate.

STEP 2 Crate Assembly & Pack

Once the empty crate is delivered, it’s easy to assemble! We provide simple to follow instructions for our wood products. Then it’s time to start packing the crate with your freight.

STEP 3 Pick Up For Delivery

Give us a call when all the packing is done and the crate is ready to go. Our team comes back to pick up the crate for shipment delivery.

Shippers may select from our wooden crates with two size options that will best fit the freight.
Options for commercial shipping crates:

  • Cube
    Measures 46 in (length) x 46 in (width) x 47 in (height) | holds up to 2,000 lbs
  • Tower
    Measures 46 in (length) x 46 in (width) x 80 in (height) | holds up to 1,250 lbs.
In addition, our team can work closely with shippers to design a custom solution to ensure international shipping crates are well protected. When using either a standard crate or a custom product, all you need is a screwdriver to pry the crate open. That’s it!

Our You Crate towers
can transport

up to
1,250 lbs.

Our You Crate towers
can transport up to

1,250 lbs.

Assembly Instructions

Everything you need to assemble your wooden shipping crate comes with your crate delivery, allowing you to put your crate together with ease. Learn more about crate packaging and assembly to make your next shipping project simple.
Assembling a crate is fast and easy. In fact, you can assemble your crate in just 6 steps. Crate packaging is just as easy, too. Regardless of the size of crate you get from You Crate, assembly and packing instructions remain the same. Get your crate together in just minutes and make packing and crating simple.

Crate Packaging in 6 Easy Steps

Your You Crate comes with 6 pieces: a pallet base (labeled A), four interlocking side pieces (2 labeled B and 2 labeled C), and a top (labeled D). The crate is held together with the included spring clips. The clips can be easily removed with the included tool, making the unpacking process simple for the receiver of your shipment. Learn about assembling your crate in a 6 step process and make the shipment procedure simple.

STEP 1 Get the Base Ready

The first in assembling your crate is to get the base (labeled A) ready. Simply place the pallet base on a supportive, flat surface.

STEP 2 Insert the B Side Pieces

Your You Crate comes with interlocking side pieces. Start by inserting the B side panels into the corresponding slots on the pallet base (A). The panels will be on opposite sides of the pallet base.

STEP 3 Insert the C Side Piece

Once you have the B side pieces inserted into the base, it is time to insert the first C side piece. Insert the C side panel into base A. Make sure to fit the panel into the extension or groves on the B panels.

STEP 4 Load the Crate and Insert the Second C Side Panel

Load your item or items into the crate. You can secure your item or items using the tie-down clips built into the crate. After you have the crate loaded, insert the second C side piece. Insert the slots into the matching base of the A base. Remember to carefully fit the C piece over the grooves or extension on the B sides.

STEP 5 Top it Off With the Lid

After the crate has been loaded and secured on the sides, it’s time to top it off with the lid (labeled D). Simply place the lid (D) onto the top of the box. It will easily drop into place.

STEP 6 Secure the Crate with the Spring Clamps

Your You Crate crate comes with a number of spring clamps. These clamps can be inserted without any special tools. Simply insert the clamps into the provided holes on the side pieces and secure them into place. Be sure to clamp down the provided pry bar tool under one of the clamps so the receiver of your shipment can remove them easily upon arrival.

Crate Quality

The products provided by Commercial Shipping Crates by You Crate meet the standards for the ISPM 15 needed to transport international freight. Review our international custom crate price sheet to learn more. Therefore, this rating from the IPPC (International Plant Protection Convention) certifies that wood thicker than 6mm has been heat treated in order to transport freight to another country.

Each of the treated wood crates, made in the USA, carries the stamp of approval from the IPPC. Hence, customers can be confident that we’ve met and exceeded all regulations for international shipping.

Service Is Key

Commercial Shipping Crates by You Crate has an expansive network of service centers around the globe to get international shipping crates delivered. On average our team needs about 24-hours to 72-hours to deliver empty crate boxes to a customer. While there are many packaging and crating options available, we believe this is the best packing material.

Customer service is paramount for us! Here are several other options offered by Commercial Shipping Crates to assist with crating.
  • White Glove Services
  • Reverse Logistics
  • Expedited
  • Trade Show Crating
  • Warehousing
  • Liftgate Delivery
Our professional team is ready to help commercial customers fulfill their needs to crate and ship freight. The team at Commercial Shipping Crates by You Crate has more than 60 years of experience in the industry and can provide all-inclusive quotes to cover pricing for the crate fee and freight shipping. Call 877-558-2580 to discuss what you need to crate and ship.
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