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Crates  for Electronics Shipping

Do you have a need to ship electronics quickly but are unsure of the best and safest way to transport these valuables?
Crates for electronic shipping is the fastest and most secure way to transport your electronics equipment.
Crates for electronics shipping are very important for heavy, bulky and fragile freight. Everything from packing materials to freight shipping costs are included with a You Crate wooden crate. We can handle all of your electronics shipping commercial crate needs today.

What Kinds of Electronics Can I Ship in Wooden Crates?

Computers, iPads, monitors, printers and more. All of it is fragile freight that needs the ultimate in protection: crate freight shipping. Here’s a complete list of electronics shipping freight you can pack in crates:
  • Computers
  • Terminals and towers
  • Printers
  • Monitors
  • LCD and plasma screens
  • Televisions
  • Server racks
  • Telecommunications support equipment
  • Video conferencing equipment
In addition, our team can work closely with shippers to design a custom solution to ensure international shipments are well protected. When using either a standard crate or a custom product, all you need is a screwdriver to pry the crate open. That’s it! And yes, we will need the crate back when you are done using it. We have other customers waiting to use it!

How to Ship Electronics in Crates

Shipping electronics in crates is easier than you think. Follow these simple instructions to pack and ship electronics with You Crate packaging solutions today:

Gather Manuals, Cords and Electronics

Make sure you have the owner’s manuals and all the electric cords that you need for packing your electronics.

Prepare Your Electronics for Shipping

  • Take any batteries outside of your electronic freight to avoid leaking
  • Remove toner ink and other liquids and place in sealable bags
  • Eject any moveable parts like CDs, DVDs, etc

Label Electronics and Cables

Make sure every cord and electronic item is labeled with a removable sticker. Neatly wrap power cords and other bulky cords with elastic bands.

Back Up Used Computers

Are you shipping a used computer? Back up valuable information on an external drive or in a cloud service just as a precaution.

Pack Your Computer and Other Electronics

Now it’s time to pack your computer or other electronic device. Avoid packing peanuts or packing chips because they have the ability to create static electricity to build up on electronic devices, which can ruin computer hard drives and cause other electrical problems. Use packing paper or styrofoam inserts instead.

Our You Crate towers
can transport

up to
1,250 lbs.

Our You Crate towers
can transport up to

1,250 lbs.

How to Ensure Your Electronics Stay Safe

Ensure your electronics are safe throughout the shipping process by receiving a wooden crate from You Crate today! It’s easy by following these simple steps:
  1. Pick the following shipping crates

    Measures 46 in (length) x 46 in (width) x 47 in (height) | holds up to 2,000 lbs.
    Measures 46 in (length) x 46 in (width) x 80 in (height) | holds up to 1,250 lbs.

  2. Pack your electronics in 1-2 days at your own convenience after you receive the crate in 24-72 hours
  3. Our transportation partner, R+L Carriers, works to find you a flat transportation rate. It’s really just one price for the crate and the shipping costs. It’s that easy
  4. Cushion the box at the bottom and top with bubble wrap so everything is packed tight and securely
  5. Wrap all the large items in bubble wrap to prevent jostling
  6. You Crate representatives will come pick the crate up
  7. You Crate will follow your electronics shipment from start to finish as part of your flat rate.

We Offer Other Transportation Services for Electronics Equipment

We get it. Electronics are valuable commodities that sometimes need to be handled with the utmost care. You Crate has you covered with the following commercial shipping crates services:
  • Liftgate delivery
  • Warehousing
  • Expedited
  • Reverse Logistics
  • Trade Show Services
  • White Glove Services

Connect with You Crate Today!

You Crate’s professional team is ready to help you with your shipping crate services, whether you are shipping electronics domestically or even overseas. Call 877-558-2580 today to review your individualized electronics shipping needs. We’ll get you the crate and shipping flat rate cost you need so you can get started. 

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