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Best Way to Ship iPads Safely

February 4, 2019
Commercial Shipping Crates
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When you’re shipping electronics like iPads, it’s important that you learn how to pack and ship devices properly so they are safe and sound during transport to their destination. iPads are an extremely popular electronic that gets shipped frequently around the United States and overseas. We’ll teach you the best way to ship iPads safely.

When shipping iPads in bulk quantities, we recommend a wooden shipping crate. This is the best way to ship iPads safely as the wood crates provides a higher level of protection than other options. In addition to added protection, there are also other benefits to shipping with a wood crate.


How to Pack iPads for Shipping

Safety is likely your top priority when shipping large amounts of expensive items like iPads. To make sure your iPads arrive to your recipient safely, observe the following steps:

  • Wrap each iPad in bubble wrap. Be sure there are no exposed areas of the iPad. You can use traditional bubble wrap and packaging tape to secure your iPads. Small bubble wrap (3/16”) is a safe and economic option. You can also secure the iPads in individual sealable bubble bags or pouches for quicker packing and unpacking.
  • Pack the iPads in boxes. You don’t want your package recipient to be blindly searching for the products throughout the packaging materials. Placing the items into boxes will make it easier to find and unpack your products. This is especially important if you’re shipping different varieties of iPads that go to different departments. For example, if you send broken iPads to a repair facility, they may request that they be separated by model. You can separate these into boxes and label each box.
  • Fill empty space with packing material to avoid movement.  Even though your iPads will be individually protected, we also recommend using a product like packing peanuts. Using packing peanuts will prevent unwanted movement of the iPads which can potentially cause damage to the screens.
  • If including chargers and cords, package them separately. Doing this will make sure that you don’t lose any of these items among the packing material. You also keep the iPad screens protected by not including these items with the iPads themselves. Bubble bags are a good option to contain these.

Now that you know how to pack your iPads, all you need is a shipping crate and a carrier. This is where You Crate and R+L Carriers can help you.

How You Crate Works

You Crate and its’ shipping partner R+L Carriers work together to simplify the crating and shipping process for you. When you’re ready to move forward, follow these steps to complete your shipment:

  • Contact You Crate to receive a custom quote. Your quote simplifies the process as the crate and shipping cost is all-inclusive. You won’t need to pay and work with multiple companies. Our crates come in two standards sizes, but we can also build a custom design for you.
  • Assemble and pack your crate after it arrives. Your crate will arrive in 1-2 days after you’ve finalized your shipment with You Crate. Use the instructions included with your crate to assemble, pack, and close it. You can also view our video to see how to assemble and pack a You Crate Wooden Shipping Crate
  • Call You Crate when your shipment is ready to be delivered. Once you’ve packed your crate and it’s ready to go, give us a call. We’ll provide you with tracking information via the shipping label so you know where your crate is at all times and when it will be delivered.
  • Your recipient will receive the crate. Once the crate is received, disassemble the crate and unpack the products. Disassembly instructions will be provided with the shipment. You can also view our video on how to disassemble a You Crate wooden shipping crate.
  • When the crate is ready to be returned, call us and we’ll pick it up. And that’s it!
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Note that this process works for any products that you can fit into a You Crate. If you are shipping internationally, You Crate can offer the same great product and service. Our international shipping crates meet ISPM-15 standards so that your shipment is approved and won’t face any delays.

iPad Crate Shipping Services

With You Crate and its shipping partner, R+L Carriers, we make iPad shipping simple and quick.  Enjoy peace of mind with the following additional shipping services:

  • Warehousing for storage solution
  • Liftgate delivery when you need help unloading or loading your electronics
  • White glove service for those packages that require extra care
  • Expedited shipping for packages that need to get somewhere quick
  • Reverse logistics when you need help with returns

Why Ship in a Commercial Shipping Crate

Packing electronics such as iPads in wooden crates keeps them safe and secure. In addition to the security and safety of your items, this can also improve your overall efficiency. Combining all of your products and shipments into a You Crate can significantly reduce the amount of time that you spend processing your shipments. It’s possible that you’ll save money in the process as well.

Through R+L Carriers, You Crate also has the ability to offer you even more logistics services. These include:

  • Working with a team of professionals that has more than 60 years of combined expertise in their shipping field.
  • Crates designed for optimum space in mind with built-in tie-down brackets.
  • Crate and freight costs offered in one lower price that’s lower than the competition.
  • Shipment tracking from Point A to Point B with the ability to keep an eye on your crate.
  • Secure shipments in warehouses and on the go to keep your expensive iPads and other electronics safe.
  • The ability to ship international freight when you have to ship your products overseas.
  • Guaranteed delivery on time, every time.

Connect with You Crate Today

Now that you know everything about shipping iPads, it’s time to connect with You Crate today to get started. We are equipped to handle your iPad shipping needs and can put your mind at ease with 24/7 shipment tracking and other services.

With You Crate, take control of the iPad shipping process and call for a crate that fits your needs when you are ready. Call You Crate today at 877-558-2580 or fill out a form to start your crate quote process today.

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