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A Guide to Shipping Large Items Across Country

March 7, 2019
Laura Isaacs
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There’s a lot to consider when you’re shipping large items across country. From planning your shipment to packing the crate to arranging pick up, shipping large items involves a lot of leg work.

Don’t let shipping large items across country be a stressful endeavor. Learn how a commercial shipping crate from You Crate, powered by R+L Carriers, can help you get your items shipped without hassle. Follow our guide to shipping large items across country and make the most of your shipment.

Commercial Shipping Crates for Large Items

Are you shipping a large item? In shipping terms, a large item is considered anything bigger than a large parcel. A parcel can weigh up to 150 lbs, so anything heavier requires freight shipment.

One way to ship large items across the country is in a commercial shipping crate. You Crate offers customers two sizes of commercial crates. Crates are available in a:

  • Cube: measures 46 in (length) x 46 in (width) x 47 in (height) | holds up to 2,000 lbs.
  • Tower: measures 46 in (length) x 46 in (width) x 80 inches (height) | holds up to 1,250 lbs.

Commercial shipping crates from You Crate are perfect for shipping large items across the state or across the country. Unlike other shipping options, You Crate doesn’t charge by weight when shipping heavy items. If it fits, it ships. This makes You Crate a cost effective option for shipping large items across country.

Large items you might ship across country include:

Regardless of what you’re shipping You Crate and R+L Carriers can help you get it there.

An important thing to consider when shipping large item is cost. Many shipping options charge by weight and dimension. You’ll pay for how heavy an item is and how much room it takes up on a truck. You Crate is different. You pay for the use of a commercial shipping crate and delivery to geographic zone.

How to Ship Large Items Across Country

The first step in shipping large items across country is determining what size crate you’ll need, a cube or a tower.  You can determine what size crate you’ll need by measuring your large item. If the large or bulky item you are shipping is fragile, you want a snug fit. This means it’s important to choose the smallest size crate in which your item will fit.

If your large item is too big for a cube or tower, you can work with You Crate for a custom crating solution.

When you know what size crate you’ll need for shipping your large items, it’s time to request a quote for a crate. After you accept the quote, a crate will be delivered to your small business or facility on a R+L Carriers truck as soon as 24-48 hours after you request it. You might find that You Crate and R+L Carriers offer the cheapest way to ship a large item, but they also offer one of the best ways to ship a large item.

Many shipping services charge by weight when shipping a large item. You Crate and R+L Carriers only charge for the use of the crate and delivery zone. This means items weighing up to 2000 lbs ship for a flat price.

When you receive your shipping crate, it’s time to assemble and pack. It is easy to assemble a crate. Pack your crate before assembling the final panel and lid. Your large item can be secured within the crate using included tie-down hardware. Additional padding and be used to protect your item within the crate. Bubble wrap, foam, plastic wrap and packing peanuts are all good options. You can pack your crate on your own time, usually in a few days.

After your crate is packed and ready to go, a R+L Carriers truck will arrive to pick it up and deliver it to its destination. Your recipient will receive the crate. After they unpack the crate, an R+L Carriers truck will return to retrieve the crate. This means the recipient won’t have to worry about storing or disposing of the crate.

Shipping large items across country with You Crate is simple.

10 Tips for Packing Large Items for Shipping

Packing your crate can be easy, but there are still a few things to keep in mind. Here is a brief guide to packing large items shipping across country.

  • Get the right size crate: When you’re shipping a large item, you want a snug fit in the crate. The right sized crate holds your item and any necessary packing material, without room for much else.
  • Choose a sturdy crate made with quality materials: When you’re shipping a large item, a cardboard box might not cut it. You’ll find that You Crate commercial shipping crates are made from 3/4th-inch thick plywood. The plywood crate won’t breakdown during shipping like corrugated cardboard boxes. This can protect your large item and prevent bumps and bruises along the way.
  • Use bubble wrap or foam: A few layers of bubble wrap or foam can help protect your large item during shipping. Consider wrapping the item in a few layers of padding and then securing it with tape. Be careful to choose a tape that won’t leave a residue should it touch the item.
  • Pad the interior of the crate: If there’s extra room in your crate, consider lining the crate with 2-inch foam on all sides. You can also use airbags to protect the freight in your crate. This will help ensure everything arrives intact and without damage.
  • Seal the crate closed: The last two steps in assembling and packing your crate are affixing the lid and sealing the crate with clamps. Grooved panels hold the crate walls in place during packing, but when it’s ready to ship you need to seal the crate closed. Spring clamps fit into pre-drilled holes and keep the crate secure as it travels.
  • Label the crate: Is your large item fragile? It’s best to label it so everyone handling your crate knows the contents require gentle treatment. Additionally, labeling your crate as fragile when it contains breakables is wise because it might give you recourse with the shipping company in case of damage.
  • Think about insurance: In many cases, a large item is an expensive item. If you’re shipping a valuable item or even an irreplaceable item, like an antique or work of art, it is wise to consider insurance. You can insure your shipment through R+L Carriers or a third party. Consider insurance and protect your freight.
  • Weigh your service options: What kind of shipping service do you need? White glove service is available through You Crate and R+L Carriers. White glove service is perfect when your crate requires an extra special touch. White glove service can include packing, securing, block and bracing and more. Other service options available include residential services, reverse logistics, expedited services, warehousing and more.
  • Know your time frame: Are you in a rush to get your item there? Expedited shipping is available. It is important to know that You Crate can’t handle a same day request for a crate, but one will be delivered to you as quickly as possible. From there, expedited shipping is available. Expedited services are perfect for time sensitive shipments. Second day shipping, weekend service, team expedite shipping and express shipments to Canada are available.
  • Look for transparency: Your shipping company should give you transparency and visibility along the way when you’re shipping a large item. You Crate and R+L Carriers offer order tracking, so you’ll see each step in your crate’s journey. This gives you the transparency you need to get your crate there safely and securely.

Shipping Large Items with You Crate

You might know that You Crate and R+L Carriers price shipping crates based on delivery zones. You Crate and R+L Carriers have divided the country into 8 zones to make pricing easy:

  • Zone 1: AZ, CA, ID, NV, OR, WA
  • Zone 2: CO, MT. UT, WY
  • Zone 3: AR, KS, MO, NM, OK, TX
  • Zone 4: IA, MN, ND, NEm SD, WI
  • Zone 5: AL, FL, GA, LA, MS, NC, SC, TN
  • Zone 6: IL, IN, KY, MI, OH
  • Zone 7: CT, MA, ME, NH, NJ, NY, RI, VT
  • Zone 8: DC, DE, MD, PA, VA, WV

With such expansive delivery zones, You Crate and R+L Carriers make it easy to ship your large items across the country. Every zip code in the continental U.S. is covered. This means its possible to ship anything, anywhere, any time.

Additionally, if you need to ship your large item internationally, You Crate has you covered. Shipping crates are ISPM-15 certified, which means they meet standards for international shipping.

Shipping Large Items Across Country with LTL Freight

When you ship a large item in a commercial shipping crate, it moves via LTL freight. LTL freight, or less than truckload shipping, it one of the most common shipping options on the road today.

In the simplest terms, LTL shipping means that your shipment takes up less than a 48- or 52-foot trailer. This means your shipment shares space on the truck with other shipments. This means LTL can come with reduced shipping rates and save you money.

In many cases, your LTL freight moves via a hub and spoke logistics model. When taking advantage of a hub and spoke model, small terminals are the spokes and large terminals are the hub. Spoke terminals get shipments of outbound crates and freight. From there freight is combined on trucks and transported to the hub. The freight is then consolidated and sent to its final destination.

There are a number of reasons why LTL shipping works best for shipping large items. Not only does this method of shipping work best for a commercial shipping crate, but it has a few other advantages as well.

Some of the other advantages of LTL shipping for your large item include:

  • Eco-friendly shipping: Moving your commercial shipping crate via LTL shipping comes with eco-friendly advantages. LTL shippers take advantage of all the room on the truck, making it an efficient way to move freight. Additionally, each You Crate commercial shipping crate is reused, producing little waste along the way.
  • Simple order tracking: R+L Carriers and You Crate offer order tracking for LTL loads. This means you’ll always know where your crate is as it travels to its final destination. You’ll know the estimated transit time, estimated delivery time and more.
  • Versatile service options: You’ll find that LTL shipping for your large item via R+L Carriers comes with versatile service options. Regardless of whether you need white glove service, non-commercial delivery, liftgate service or another option, we’ve got you covered.

Other Shipping Methods for Large Items

Though using a commercial shipping crate and LTL shipping might be your best option for moving a large item, it is not the only option. Here is some information about a few other choices you have when shipping large items:

Truckload Shipping

If you’re shipping a lot of large items, you might need the space of an entire truck. Truckload shipping is a wise choice when the volume of your shipment is more than 18 pallets. This can also be a quicker choice, as all the freight on the truck belongs to one shipper. This means it is headed to a single destination, without stops along the way.

Partial Truckload

If your freight is less than a whole truckload, but more than a LTL load, you might choose partial truckload shipping. This might include anything from 6-18 pallets or commercial shipping crates. Partial truckload shipping has competitive rates when compared to LTL shipping and might have quicker delivery times.

Why Ship Large Items with You Crate

When it comes to shipping large items across country, You Crate’s goal is to get your item there securely and on time. You Crate and partner R+L Carriers understand what it takes to move large items. By working together, You Crate and R+L Carriers make moving your large item in a commercial shipping crate a headache-free experience.

Additionally, You Crate and R+L Carriers offer you full-service shipping and crating services. With value-added services like shipment tracking and crate drop off, it is easy to get the best service possible when shipping large items in a crate. Other services, like white glove service, make shipping a hands-off experience for you.

Other logistics and crating services offered by You Crate and R+L Carriers include:

  • Reverse logistics services for large items that need to be returned and more
  • Quick service, expedited shipping via R+L Carriers’ Emerald Team for when time is of the essence
  • Warehousing and storage of crates, even those containing large or heavy items
  • Liftgate service for easy loading and unloading even if a dock isn’t available
  • Secured divider service for when you need discretion or extra security

You Crate ranks among the country’s top commercial shipping crate companies. This means You Crate is dedicated to handling your appliance shipment without stress or hassle. You Crate and R+L Carriers are prepared for shipping large items across country. Let R+L Carriers make the delivery of your crate simple. If you need a crating and shipping solution for appliances, let You Crate be your answer. Call today at 877-558-2580 or request a quote online to get your crate moving today.

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