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Wooden Crates for Commercial Shipping
Wooden Crates for Commercial Shipping
Commercial Shipping Crates by You Crate ® is able to accommodate a wide variety of freight and provide custom solutions for domestic or international transport. Your valuable freight will be well protected during transport all at a reasonable rate.

Benefits of working with us include:
  • Flat rate pricing that includes crate and freight
  • Crates are delivered
  • No freight classification

The Wooden Shipping Crates Come In Two Sizes

Cube Measures
46 in (l) x 46 in (w) x 47 in (h)
Holds up to 2,000 lbs
Tower Measures
46 in (l) x 46 in (w) x 80 in (h)
Holds up to 1,250 lbs
The You Crate team works closely with shippers to ensure freight is well protected in either one of our standard crates or designed for a custom fit.

All you need is a small pry bar to open the crate. That’s it! Crates are reusable and economically user-friendly!

How It Works

How It Works

Choose Your

  • Customer will decide what crate will work best for your needs
  • Cube or tower to choose from
  • Call You Crate to set up the order

Pack & Pick Up Crate

  • Empty crate will deliver within 24-72 hours
  • Customer will be responsible to load freight  or personal belongings
  • Customer will require a pry bar to open crate
  • Give You Crate a call to pick up full crate

Return For Empty Crate

  • After full crate reaches final destination point customer will be responsible to unload
  • Call You Crate to return empty crate
  • Our team will pick up empty crate to reuse crate for another customer
So that’s how it all works!
We’ve made the crate and ship process with Commercial Shipping Crates simple!

How It Works

Choose Your Crate

Decide what you need to pack and then give our team a call to figure out what size crate will fit your needs. Select from either a cube or tower crate. In addition, we can provide a custom designed crate. Give us a call to let us know what you need.

Assemble, Pack & Pick Up Crate

Once the empty crate is delivered, it’s easy to assemble! We provide simple to follow instructions. Then it’s time to start packing the crate with your freight. Give us a call when all the packing is done and the crate is ready to go. Our team comes back to pick up the crate for shipment delivery.

Return For Empty Crate

After the crate reaches its final destination, customers have a few days to get everything unpacked. Then our team returns to pick up the empty crate to prepare for the next customer. Yes, we need to get the crate back, so picking it up is included in our service.
So that’s how it all works!
We’ve made the crate and ship process with Commercial Shipping Crates simple!
Our wooden crates by You Crate are made in the USA and are engineered for easy assembly and excellent durability. In conjunction with our partners You Crate and R+L Carriers, Commercial Shipping Crates is able to cover 48 states.

Each of the wooden shipping crates is outfitted with interior tie-down brackets to give added protection for freight. Additionally, Commercial Shipping Crates are certified to meet ISPM-15 standards required for international shipping. The process is simple, so let’s get started!
Commercial Shipping Crates by You Crate ® has an expansive network of service centers to get a crate delivered almost anywhere. On average we need about 48 hours or less to deliver empty crates.

Customer service is paramount for us! Here are several other options offered by Commercial Shipping Crates to assist with crating.
  • White Glove Services
  • Reverse Logistics
  • Expedited
  • Trade Show Crating
  • Warehousing
  • Liftgate Delivery

Our professional team is ready to help commercial customers fulfill their needs to crate and ship freight. The Commercial Shipping Crates team has more than 60 years of experience in the industry and can provide all-inclusive quotes to cover pricing for the crate fee and freight shipping. Call 877-558-2580 to discuss what you need to crate and ship.

Customers can also connect with us via our online form.

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